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In my space, dedicated to perinatal well-being. 

Perinatal coach, my role and my mission

As a perinatal consultant, I'm here to support you with love, expertise and kindness throughout the perinatal period: the desire to have a baby, pregnancy and the post-partum period are all unique journeys, punctuated by intense moments that enrich our being and reveal deep emotions within us.

I'm here to help you get through pregnancy and the post-partum period with complete peace of mind, as well as tackling challenges such as medically assisted reproduction (MAP) and perinatal bereavement.

My aim is to offer you a place where I can listen sympathetically, inform you and support you through emotional and physical well-being, so that you can live each stage to the full with peace of mind and confidence.


I'll take care of you

My mission is to provide you with psycho-corporal and emotional support, from the moment you want to have a baby until the end of the post-partum period, using a range of tools that include perinatal well-being advice, massage, relaxation therapy and acupressure. I'm constantly seeking to improve my knowledge and continue to train in all the subjects I'm passionate about, so that I can offer you the most comprehensive support possible.

"Marine has a positive and caring energy! She immediately listened to all the trials I'd already been through and found the right words to make me feel supported."




I work with women, mothers-to-be, young mothers and couples with a strong belief in combining support, comfort and relaxation through my tailor-made services. 


Massages and Rebozo ritual

My massages help to restore balance, release blockages and encourage reconnection with oneself.

Each massage protocol has been meticulously developed to meet your specific needs, offering a tailor-made treatment.


Discover fertility massage

Discover pregnancy massage

Discover post-partum massage 



Sophrology in my perinatal support aims to harmonise body and mind. Using relaxation and visualisation techniques, it reduces stress and tension, offering personalised support to each woman.  


Discover sophrology for fertility

Discover pregnancy relaxation therapy

Discover post-partum relaxation therapy



Using specific points on the body, this technique stimulates energy circulation and promotes physical and emotional balance. Each session is tailored to meet individual needs, offering natural relief and better preparation of the body. 


Discover fertility acupressure

Discover pregnancy acupressure

Discover post-partum massage


Collaborative/participative workshops

My perinatal support workshops are spaces for sisterhood and sharing, where women and couples come together to support each other in their journey towards motherhood.

Each session is an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between participants and to prepare together.


Discovering childbirth as a couple

I'm discovering baby massage


Personalised support

If you're feeling lost and don't know where to start, I offer tailor-made support adapted to your specific needs, expectations and concerns. 

Follow-up sessions are designed to maintain this regular, personalised support. 

These meetings provide you with the support you need to make the most of this unique and important time in your life.


I'd like to find out more about pregnancy support

I'd like to find out more about pregnancy support

I'd like to find out more about post-partum support


Excellence in care

During our appointments, immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience where every aspect is meticulously thought out to pamper you. Every detail of my accompaniment has been thought through with the utmost care, the result of a deep commitment to the well-being and fulfilment of women during this most precious period of their lives.

"Come on, today you take 5 minutes to thank your body for everything it allows you to do, everything it's been through with you, and everything it's still going to achieve.

Your body is incredible, you are incredible".

Tailor-made treatments


I put my personal experience and extensive training at your disposal to take care of you and help you take better care of yourself. My holistic approach focuses on your overall well-being, through attentive listening, practical advice, massage and relaxation techniques such as acupressure and sophrology.

Come as you are :

With all your doubts, fears, joys and sorrows, I'm here to look after you. Listening, reassuring and non-judgemental, I'm here to support you with respect and kindness.


97, rue de Luxembourg

L- 8077 Bertrange

+352 661 198 619

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